Concrete Anchor Screws

Concrete screws are designed to be installed into pre-drilled holes of concrete, brick or block. Featuring a double lead thread and a diamond- shaped point, the hardened 1022 steel cuts into the material, creating its own threading for a powerful hold. Concrete screws can often eliminate the need for an anchor when used in light-duty to medium-duty applications. Our stock contains concrete screws that are coated in a blue Ruspert finish; for an impressive resistance against corrosion and harsh weather environments. The Ruspert finish consists of a three layer treatment process: layer 1 applies a metallic zinc coating, layer 2 improves the rustproof performance with a high-grade chemical conversion process, and layer 3 provides a ceramic coating that is baked and compressed to chemically bond the three layers for superb quality. Our concrete screws are ready-to-ship in Flat Phillips and Hex Washer Slot types.

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