Toggle Bolts

A toggle bolt, also known as a butterfly anchor, is a fastening system consisting of two matching steel “wings” each bent at 90 degree angles, an internally threaded nut with protrusions spaced apart which serves as a pivot attaching the two wings, a wire spring providing the necessary tension to open and close the wings, and a machine screw which mates with the nut. Toggle bolts are light-duty anchors for use in hollow block or gypsum wallboard. They spread over a larger area and are more temperature resistant than other hollow anchors. They are single-use anchors. Available and ready-to-ship in a variety of sizes. Browse our selection of toggle bolts for your building projects and industrial applications.

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Combo Mushroom Head: A toggle bolt with a combo mushroom head has a larger head diameter to create a larger bearing surface. The combo drive allows for the ability to drive the toggle bolt with a slot-head or phillips driver.
Combo Round Head: A toggle bolt with a combo round head has a round head, sometimes called a button head. Round heads are not typically high-strength and used for light-duty applications. The combo drive allows for the ability to drive the toggle bolt with a slot-head or a phillips driver.
Kaptoggle: Kaptoggle hollow wall anchors are designed to anchor fixtures to drywall using a machine screw. Also used on sheet rock, gypsum board and masonry block. Kaptoggle hollow wall anchors have better holding power than conventional types of hollow wall fasteners.
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