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Why Choose BW Industrial Sales as Your Dedicated North American Industrial Parts Supplier?

BW Industrial Sales is changing how North American OEMs and manufacturers purchase fasteners, hardware, and other industrial supplies. Using our innovative VMI solutions tailored to your business needs, we ensure that you always have what you need when you need it. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, and our expertise is at your disposal. Let us take the stress out of your stocking, restocking, and inventory needs.
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Superior Supply Chain Management

BW Industrial Sales maintains a vast network of global supplier relationships. Our team holds over a century of combined industry experience, and we are ready to navigate any supply chain disruption or delay to ensure you have the supplies you need. We’ll always go the extra mile to leverage our worldwide partnerships with suppliers, distributors, and custom manufacturers to deliver your order on time and within budget.

Lowered Costs for North American Manufacturers

Our representatives work closely with you to understand all budgetary requirements. We’ll help you to reduce your costs by locking in annual quantities so you can take advantage of discounts and wholesale prices. Our inventory management solutions also allow you to significantly reduce the number of required purchase orders, lowering your overall labor and administrative costs.

Personalized Service on Every Order

We pair the one-on-one interaction of a local business with the far-reaching capabilities of a large corporation to meet your exact specifications on all orders. From initial quotes to reoccurring deliveries and beyond, we always work to continuously improve our processes to better serve and support your USA, Canada, or Mexico facility.

North American Shipping Advantages

When you need an uninterrupted supply of parts delivered directly to your USA, Canada, or Mexico production line, you need BW Industrial Sales. Our “Dock to Stock” method and fleet of delivery vehicles consolidate your shipments to a regular schedule based on your workflow, simplifying all restocking processes.

Value-Added Services in the USA, Canada, and Mexico

BW Industrial Sales understands that not all assemblies are satisfied with off-the-shelf components. That’s why we offer custom manufacturing services to add value and remove stress from your order. We can match any specification, providing USA, Canada, and Mexico manufacturers with the components you need.

Industrial Supplies for North American OEMs & Manufacturers

BW Industrial Sales is the top USA, Canada, and Mexico industrial parts supplier. We personalize your order to your exact needs, offering parts and components such as:
Our inventory contains over 48,000 parts, and we are confident that we have the industrial supplies you need to complete your job. Shop our available stock and order today!

Never Run Out of Stock Again with BW Industrial Sales

BW Industrial Sales is North America’s leading industrial parts supplier. We provide the high-quality components, expert resources, and overstock inventory options you need to complete your job on time, in budget, and without disruption. Let us be your dedicated problem-solver for industrial supplies and inventory management needs.

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