Panel Nuts

A panel nut is a very thin nut and light duty with a relatively large inside diameter commonly used to mount threaded electrical switches. In most cases, the width of the panel nut is very close to the diameter of the fastener they are being paired with. Panel nuts are double chamfered and have a hexagonal shape with significantly less surface area than a standard hex nut. Each size nut contains a single thread. Less costly than screw machined nuts. The die-cast alloy is non-corroding and will not gall or freeze on mating threads. Browse our selection of panel nuts for your building projects and industrial applications.

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In Stock Panel Nuts for Any Application

Hex panel nuts are most often used for light-duty applications. Available and ready-to-ship in a variety of sizes and finishes.
  • switch mounts
  • volume controls
  • electrical fixtures

Hex Panel Mounting Nuts Die-Cast Zinc Alloy

Less costly than a screw machined nuts, the die-cast alloy is non-corroding and will not freeze on mating threads.

Hex Panel Nut (Pipe)

Double chamfered hex nuts with less surface area than standard hex nuts. Ideal for applications in shwitch mounts, volume controls and electrical fixtures. 

Wholesale Hex Panel Nut Material Options

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