Weld Nuts

A weld nut is designed to be welded to another steel part. Weld nuts come in numerous shapes, thicknesses, configurations and sizes. One advantage to weld nuts is they can be used in restricted space areas. Another advantage is they form the strongest bonds when compared to mechanically clinched fasteners. Available and ready-to-ship in a variety of sizes, finishes coatings. Browse our selection of weld nuts for your building projects and industrial applications.

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Wholesale Weld Nuts for Any Application

Hex Weld Nuts

A six-sided, internally threaded fastener with projections on the top of the corners of the fastener. The 6-projection style has weldable projections at all six corners. The three-projection style has weldable projections atop every corner. Designed for when the nut is fully tightened, the pilot protects the internal threads from welding residue. Available in standard and metric thread.

Round Weld Nuts

Internally threaded barrel-shaped fasteners integrally formed with a circular, flat base that has three dome-shaped protrusions on its top side. An economical welding fastener used when it is necessary to restrict the nut from rotating when tightened.

Spot Weld Nuts

A four-sided, internally threaded fastener with rounded edges at the two ends most opposite each other. The threaded hole is set off to one side and has a pilot for the entire circumference of the opening which extends above the flat surface of the nut. Preferred over other styles of weld nuts when welding to thinner gauge material.

Square Weld Nuts

A four-sided, internally threaded fastener with four uniform, triangular weldable projections on the top surface of each corner of the fastener. The threaded hole runs through the center and the nut has no pilot. This weld nut is easy to set in place for efficient welding speed by a locator pin in the electrode.

Tab Weld Nuts

A four-sided, internally threaded fastener with rounded edges. Surrounding the hole in the four corners and on the same side of the nut as the pilot, are four identical round, dome-shaped protrusions of less height than the pilot. The four projections are designed to weld simultaneously, covering a greater area than single projection nuts to achieve maximum weld strength. The height of the pilot minimizes the amount of welding residue that could clog the threads.

Weld Nuts Material Options

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