Nylon anchors are used to connect structural and non-structural elements to drywall, concrete, hollow block, brick, stone, or sheetrock and are made of engineered plastic. Anchors have a hollow center for the screw or bolt to be inserted, which expands the walls of the anchor outward against the material it is being installed into creating a secure anchoring system. Nylon anchors are offered in a hammer drive, hollow wall, and toggle style. The nylon variety is used when requiring a non-conductive anchor. Available and ready-to-ship in a variety of sizes. Browse our selection of anchors for your building projects and industrial applications.

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Hammer Drive: A two-piece fastener consisting of a tubular stem with a dome or flat-fillister shaped head and a nail which is driven through the hollow center of the stem of the anchor. The stem is slit long ways on opposite sides from the bottom of the shank to the place where the point of the nail extends into the stem. Hammer drive anchors are considered to be light-duty anchors and its advantages include ease of installation, its immediate loading capabilities and the tamper-resistant nature of the finished assembly. Offered in a flat head, mushroom head, and round head.

Hollow Wall: An injection-molded anchor with a flanged opening at the top end and a cone-shaped body that is cupped at the opposite end. It has three horizontal slits cut into the body which extend from the bottom tip up the shank but stop before the flange. There are also three horizontal fins extending from the flange at the top, down the shank but stop before reaching the bottom tip. The conical plastic anchor is a light-duty part and designed for use with self-tapping or wood screws. Offered in a conical bantam plug, fluted, ribbed & tapered.

Toggle: A one-piece, plastic anchor with a cylindrical body and four legs. The hole through the center of the body has ribs on the outside to hold the anchor in place during installation. When a tapping screw is driven into the toggle, the legs collapse which forms a tongue. As the screw is driven through the body, it pulls in and expands the legs. Plastic toggles are intended for lightweight duty in hollow walls like wallboard or plaster. The anchor remains in place even after the screw is removed. Anchors should be spaced 18-24 inches center to center. 

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