Self-Drilling Screws

Self-drilling screws are manufactured with specially designed “drill bit” points that eliminate the need for pre-drilling during assembly. Also commonly known as TEK screws, these fasteners use their own threads to cut into the mating surface creating an aggressively secure hold. TEK self-drilling screws are perfect for metal to metal, metal to wood, and thin metal applications with availability of same-day shipping in bulk quantities with an entire line of types, materials, finishes, styles and size variations to meet your exact specification needs. Our inventory includes 300 series and 400 series stainless steel materials that offer incredible corrosion resistance for applications expecting to be in some harsh environments. On top of 18-8, 316, and 410 stainless steel materials, we carry steel that is manufactured to ASME B18.6.3 & SAE J78 specifications offering a 1,000 hour salt-spray rated finish for maximum corrosion resistance and case hardened to Rockwell C50-58 (core hardness: Rockwell C32-40). In addition, self-drilling screws are available with a steel material that is case hardened to Vickers HV 550-800 (core hardness: Vickers HV 270-450). Self-drilling screws are available with coating options such as black oxide, black phosphate, green Ruspert, green ceramic, clear zinc, green zinc, black zinc, and zinc yellow finishes.  TEK screws are stocked in a variety of head types, that includes 82-degree flat heads, 82-degree flat undercut, Bugle heads, Hex flange, hex washer, serrated hex washer, high head, oval head, oval undercut, pan head, pancake, round, trim head, truss, modified truss and wafer head styles. Drive preferences for TEK self-drilling screws are available in phillips, six-lobe, square recess, slotted/ un-slotted, square phillips recess and special combination drive styles. Self-drilling screws are available in an entire line of TEK point styles including pilot point, standard point, spade point, #2 point, #3 point, #4 point and #5 point end threads to ensure you have the perfect TEK screw that exceeds performance expectations in your assembly. Additional options for self-drilling TEK screws are self-drilling SEMS screws, TEK screws with wings, TEK screws with Neo-EPDM washers, Hex flange TEK screws with a rubber washer, TEK screws offering 7/16 A.F., TEK screws with 5/16 A.F., TEK screws offering ¼” A.F., TEK screws with machine screw threading and other non-standard or specialty items.

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