Stainless steel anchors provide impressive strength and resistance to corrosion when securing objects to your applications elements. All of our stocked stainless steel anchors are available in an 18-8 grade (303/304) with a selection of head types and styles. Stainless steel Drop-In Anchors are internally threaded and may be installed with a like-sized anchor setting tool. Our stainless steel hammer drive anchors offer a mushroom style head with a Zamac body and are designed especially for light-duty applications in harsh corrosive environments. Sleeve type stainless steel anchors are built to expand and be secured within your application once the nut is tightened. Our fully stainless steel, 300 series sleeve anchors are available in an acorn nut style for decorative finishes, a flat head style perfect for anchoring doorframes and windows, hex head styles are a must for anchoring heavy equipment to concrete, and a round head type sleeve anchor. Stainless Steel wedge anchors as well as all of our other stainless steel anchors are stocked in a vast selection of sizes for your specification needs.  

Here at BW Industrial Sales, your satisfaction is our number one priority! If you have any questions or concerns about stainless steel anchors, other stainless steel fasteners or any other manufacturing parts and tooling, please contact our experienced and qualified BW Industrial Sales staff; or call us at 626-358-1836 for an immediate response. 

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