Stainless steel nuts are optimal for securing your assembly where the application is in a harsh corrosive environment. We stock a comprehensive inventory of series 300 stainless steel nuts that are ready to ship with a variety of available types, sizes, and specification options. Our stock includes 18-8, 303, 316, A2, and A4 stainless steel materials with the option of a black oxide coating. Inventory includes the following styles: A563 grade DH heavy hex nuts that is manufactured to ASME B 18.2.2 dimensions.

?Here at BW Industrial Sales, your satisfaction is our number one priority! If you have any questions or concerns about stainless steel nuts, other stainless-steel fasteners or any other manufacturing parts and tooling, please contact our experienced and qualified BW Industrial Sales staff; or call us at 626-358-1836 for an immediate response. 

Cage nuts offering a free-floating square nut retained within a spring cage. Low crown, stainless steel closed end hex cap nuts.
Self-clinching nuts are passivated to ASTM A380.
Stainless steel Flange and serrated nuts.
Light hex, flex type lock nuts available in thin or full height options. Finished hex nuts and hex jam nuts that are manufactured to ASME B 18.2.2 dimensions. K-lock with an external lock washer and optional small pattern design.
Stainless steel square machine screws and hex machine screws available with a regular or small pattern and are manufactured to ASME B 18.2.2 dimensions.
Stainless steel Nylon insert nuts are available with the light hex options in thin and regular height, as well as reversible 2-way and flat speed nut styles. Weld nuts include tab base, DIN 929 hex, DIN 928 square, 3 prong, 4 prong, and 6 prong styles.
Stainless steel wing nuts are cold forged and are offered in a wide selection of sizes.
Stainless steel metric nuts are available in a wide selection of types, material options and metric specifications. Our in the warehouse stock includes 18-8, A2 and A4 Class 50 stainless steel materials with optional black oxide coating for metric cage nuts,
Hex and rounds couplings with DIN 6334 and Type-9070 options, DIN 439B hex jam nuts, DIN 466 high knurled thumb nuts, DIN 557 square nuts, DIN 562 thin square nuts, DIN 917 low-type hex cap nuts, DIN 934 Hex type with prevailing torque style option, DIN 985 Nylon Insert nuts, DIN 1587 domed hex cap nuts, DIN 6923 hex flanged nuts, DIN 6926 Nylon Insert Hex flange nuts, ISO 4032 Hex nuts, K-lock nut with external tooth washer, Nylon Insert DIN 982/985/896 with dome cap option, prevailing torque style DIN 934 or DIN 980, hex DIN 929 and square DIN 928 weld nuts, and Type-315 wing nuts.

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