Metric Fasteners

We carry a massive selection of stainless-steel metric fasteners that are ready to ship same day in bulk quantities with a vast amount of size options. Our stock includes 300 series 18-8 (303, A2 and A4 Class 50 or 70) stainless steel materials for bolts, electronic hardware, flange screws, nuts, sems, sockets, thread rolling/ forming screws, washers and wing screws. For more information on the metric specifications for our stainless-steel metric fasteners or if you would like to have BW Industrial source a special part for you, please scroll below. 

Stainless steel metric carriage bolts are designed with a round head and square neck and are stocked in DIN 603 specifications. A2 and A4 stainless steel options are available in full or partial threads. 

Our stocked stainless steel metric hardware includes hex standoffs offering 303 stainless steel material. 

Stainless steel metric flange screws are available in DIN 6921 specifications offering A2 stainless steel material. Our stocked indented hex flange screws are fully threaded with the option of serrations. 

Stainless steel metric machine screws are stocked in 18-8, A2 and A4 stainless steel materials with the option of a black oxide coating. Ready to ship same day includes the following metric specifications: DIN 965 Type H (Flat Phil), DIN 966 Type H (Oval Phil), DIN 7985A Type H (Pan Philips), DIN 7985A Type Z (Pan Pozi), ISO 7045 Pan Pozi, ISO 7045 Pan Six-Lobe, ISO 14581 Flat 90- degree Six-Lobe, ISO 14583 Pan Six-Lobe, JIS-B 1111 Pan Philips, and JIS-B 1111 Truss Philips. 

Stainless steel metric nuts are available in a wide selection of types, material options and metric specifications. Our in the warehouse stock includes 18-8, A2 and A4 Class 50 stainless steel materials with optional black oxide coating for cage nuts, Hex and rounds couplings with DIN 6334 and Type-9070 options, DIN 439B hex jam nuts, DIN 466 high knurled thumb nuts, DIN 557 square nuts, DIN 562 thin square nuts, DIN 917 low-type hex cap nuts, DIN 934 Hex type with prevailing torque style option, DIN 985 Nylon Insert nuts, DIN 1587 domed hex cap nuts, DIN 6923 hex flanged nuts, DIN 6926 Nylon Insert Hex flange nuts, ISO 4032 Hex nuts, K-lock nut with external tooth washer, Nylon Insert DIN 982/985/896 with dome cap option, prevailing torque style DIN 934 or DIN 980, hex DIN 929 and square DIN 928 weld nuts, and Type-315 wing nuts. 

Stainless steel metric Sems are available and ready to ship same day! Stainless steel Sems include ISO 7045 Conical Washers, JIS-B1 1188 philips split/flat washer, ISO 7045 external tooth, DIN 7985 Internal tooth, ISO 7045 internal tooth, DIN 7985/ modified DIN 127B split lock, ISO 7045 split lock, and JIS B1188 split LW/flat washer specifications. 

Our stocked stainless steel metric sockets include ISO 7380 six-lobe button head type in a variety of sizes. 

Thread rolling and thread forming stainless steel metric screws are available in DIN 7500C Type Z Pan, DIN 7500CE 6-lobe Pan, DIN 7500D Unslotted Hex Washer, DIN 7500M Flat with the option of type-Z or 6-lobe, as well as EJOT PT-Alternative with the availability of Flat Philips and Six-Lobe, Pan Philips and Six-Lobe, and Round Washer Six-Lobe options. 

Stainless steel metric washers are available in the following specification and type options: Conical serrated spring washers, Countersunk finishing washers, DIN 125A Flat Washers, DIN 127B split lock washers, DIN 128 curved lock washer, DIN 6797A external tooth washer, DIN 6797J internal tooth washers, DIN 6798 serrated external tooth washers, DIN 7980 high collar split lock washer, and DIN 9021 fender washers. 

Stainless steel metric wing screws are cold-forged and available to ship out of the warehouse same day.

Here at BW Industrial Sales, your satisfaction is our number one priority! If you have any questions or concerns about stainless steel metric fasteners, other stainless-steel fasteners or any other manufacturing parts and tooling, please contact our experienced and qualified BW Industrial Sales staff; or call us at 626-358-1836 for an immediate response. 

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